Upload Your Own Documents to LawBrief:

Upload your own documents for editing/sharing (Word only), fixed price checking by UK Lawyers and FREE e-Signing (Word or PDF). You can also use an uploaded document as a template to create multiple ‘Instances’ of that document – e.g. for different clients or suppliers.

Use the form on the right side of this page to add a document or scroll down the page for more information.

What can I do with an Uploaded Document?:

You can click on add file to add your file, enter file name and fill other field below the upload and after that is done you can now hit on an upload button to start upload your document.

Sign the Document:

Download the uploaded document and sign it and also delete the original document and upload the signed document back for expert lawyer to review.

Edit and Share:

Click on an uploaded document you want to edit and hit on an edit button on the right corner of the uploaded document pop up bar.
Also click on share button to share the document via email with your friends if you need to