We have stripped out the marble hallways, the mahogany boardrooms and the expensive front of house. We believe the law is for everybody and the design of our organisation is based upon giving the best possible service and advice to our customers at a price they can afford. Because that is what we believe you value the most. The law is a living, breathing thing and to make it work for you is to ensure you get closest to its true intent and purpose.

Below is our simple, transparent pricing model, written in Plain English…

Legal Documents

All our document templates have been drafted by our own experienced lawyers in Plain English. What this means is that you should be able to read and understand the documents you download, thus handing you the power to complete your documents yourself.

  •  to N25000

Prices include access to our editing, sharing, commenting, tracking and e-signing tools. Documents will be stored within the platform for easy access and can also be downloaded to Word or PDF at any time.

Our subscription offer allows unlimited document downloads for a whole year (one off payment only), access to the tools and also grants you 2 x 15 minute legal sessions with our lawyers. This is subject to our Of course, if you still need some help completing the documents or have a question on whether it fits your specific needs, we would be happy to look at this for you and quote you at the beneficial rates below.

Legal Advice

Our Promise

We will always quote a price before carrying out the work. It costs nothing to get a quote.

LawBriefs Charge High Street Comparison
for similarly experienced
(20 years +) lawyers
1 Hour Online N10000 + VAT N10000 – N20000 + VAT
1 Hour Telephone N10000 + VAT N10000 – N15000 + VAT